Things to Protest

At my school we recently had a little thing called Meatless Monday. It was supposed to be kept a secret, make it a surprise. Somehow word got out about it, and guess what happened? After class I happened to look at the bulletin board, which had about ten people clustered in front of it, and saw a sheet of paper tacked up saying “PROTEST MEATLESS MONDAY!” and it had a good number of signatures on it, and more were being added as I looked on. I won’t lie, it pissed me off. They didn’t even consider that there was a very good reason for the Meatless Monday. The amount of meat needed to feed a small, carnivorous boarding school population in Maine is enormous - and it has a huge impact. It takes so much to feed the animals and transport the meat to wherever it’s going. The reason why we went meatless for all of ONE DAY is to be even just a LITTLE bit more environmentally friendly, eat local foods, and open people’s eyes to how delicious a meal can be in the complete absence of any form of meat. However, despite pleas for the understanding of the student body, more people than not made grilled cheese sandwiches and didn’t even glance at the featured entrées - which were, by the way, delicious, and possibly the best food I’ve ever had at this school. 

What pisses me off even more about all this is that of all things to protest, these people are protesting not being able to put bits and pieces of a dead animal on their plate at every single meal. Have any of you heard of Tar Sands Action, or the Keystone XL Pipeline? Well that’s what I choose to protest against. On November 6th I am going to be joining over 3000 people in encircling the White House to remind Obama of his promise to rid America of “the tyranny of oil” and get him to deny the KXL. Yes, it will create jobs, and yes, it will do horribly atrocious things to the environment. There are other ways of creating jobs. And to the people who cite the scientists that claim that the KXL will have no harmful affects on the environment: Have you looked at who those scientists work for? They work for the very people who are behind the KXL Pipeline, and thus are bias and have too much invested in the project to be able to admit how terrible it really is. Here’s the truth: it will release toxic materials into the surrounding areas, creating toxic pools. The chemicals will in all likelihood be able to seep into the ground, and spoil the wells of anyone who has the misfortune to live nearby. Now that is something to protest.